( Substitute care centre Daily Wages Workers)


DULAAR is a welfare centre for underprivileged children, most of them belonging to the daily wage earners including domestic workers, who clean our houses making our routine lives comfortable and on whom we are greatly dependent.

The appalling fact is that the lives that their children are compelled to live be miserable due to the poor economical condition. Children are deprived of their basic necessities like food, clothing and even childhood. They have no access to schools thereby depriving them of their right to education, which leads them to an even darker and shady future. Their parents are off to work early morning leaving them without guardians, which in many cases take them towards the unwatched paths of crime. Many cases have been reported where young girls have been raped and boys have been booked in theft cases.

Activities and Achievement

At present around 100 children are getting free basic education, painting -drawing, dancing, health care and day care for young girls. It also acts as a rehabilitation centre of rape victim girls. Stitching centre for adolescent girls, who does not want to follow their mother occupation(domestic work.)

Report of Survey / Need of Such

centres Such centre is required in every nearby area where domestic workers are living. Because this section of society is being ignored in many states, cities like Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon and thousands poor toddlers are hoping for their better life.