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We are a group of professionals committed for the society especially in the field of women and children development. India is home to the largest population of malnourished and hunger-stricken people and children leading to high infant and maternal mortality. Along with these issues is a deluge of problems ranging from diseases, lack of education, lack of hygiene, illness, etc. Our trust is welling to promote those mothers who are working for the family and leaving their children in unsafe hands like maids or home running crèches where small children are not cared properly, that leads many problems in children. Due to this many women quit their career.

Also in lower section working women leaves their children in fate that is leading child trafficking and juvenile crime in the society. In this scenario, society needs a substitute mother care in every residential area or in working place. These days, working women needs support in terms of quality, substitute care for their young children while they are at work.

We supporting those women who are working or welling to work for the their family. We make them aware for mother-child bonding, Breast-feeding and proper nutrition. This may be a positive step to prevent children from deadly diseases, which are otherwise preventable without any cost with the help of Information, education and communication. Children cannot be ignored at any cost, child development is our another agenda to promote over all child development. At present our trust is running crèches, child health and education programme with the help of the society we are giving a better platform to a talented child.

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